Patanjali DIVYA Kantilep Review

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Today I will be reviewing a product which I am using for more than 7 years. Price of the product that time was around Rs. 30 and Rs. 75 now. I still love using this product. It is Patanjali’s DIVYA Kantilep. This one product is always there with me and I stock it up as in Bangalore it sometimes goes out of stock. So, here we go 
Patanjali divya kantilep face pack review

Product description:

Useful in pimples, blackspots, depigmentation and other skin problems of face.

Patanjali divya kantilep face pack reviewPatanjali divya kantilep face pack review

Quantity: 50 grams

Price: Rs.70

Shelf life: 3 yearsPatanjali divya kantilep face pack review

My experience with DIVYA Kantilep

Packaging: It comes in plastic jar with screw-cap and is very travel friendly.

Fragrance: It’s a major setback as it stinks. My brother would hide the jar somewhere so that I don’t apply the pack. It would make the whole room stink. Frankly speaking I don’t mind using it as it works great for me

Texture: Its in a powdery – granule form which acts as a good scrubbing agent.
Patanjali divya kantilep face pack review

I love this pack for what it does to my skin. Previously, I was very regular and applied twice a week. But now it’s like twice in a month or maybe when I see any pimple popping up. I make paste with rose water and honey. I also add 2 drops of Kunkumadi Tailam (Click here to know more). I apply it all over my face and neck and leave it for minimum 1 hour.

After that, I first pat my face with water so that the pack loosens a bit. Then gently start scrubbing and remove the pack completely. What I get is a soft skin with pale yellow face. This is why I use it in the evening followed up with light moisturizer. In the morning, real magic can be seen : Face will have a subtle glow. The skin will be very soft with pimples gone and marks lightened.

I have never left this pack on my face overnight. It works well even if you leave it for 1 hour or little more. I have also experimented by mixing Kantilep with lemon juice, green tea, or even with aloe vera gel to make it more beneficial. I love experimenting and believe me it works.

Occasionally when I get unexpected, unwanted pimples or acne, I apply the paste onto it directly and leave it overnight. The next morning, pimple subsides with no redness.


  • Controls oil secretion
  • Provides golden glow
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • If used regularly also helps in improving the skin tone
  • Prevents pimples and acne
  • Very cheap as for the work it does


  • Smell is very bad. Though it is not a con for me, but can be for some.

HASB recommendation: Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! It’s one of the amazing product from Patanjali which improves skin texture and gives a subtle glow.

HASB Rating: 5/5 (Love this Product) 

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