Kottakkal Nilibhringadi Keratailam Review

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Today, I will be sharing my review on an oil from Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala – a Charitable Institution from southern part of India. I have been using a lot of products for my skin from them. To name some kunkumadi tailam (Click here to know more), red sandalwood powder and kasturi manjal. People who have used Nilibhringadi Tailam vouch for it. I was looking for this oil frantically. There were many brands who were selling bhringadi oil but I wasn’t sure which one to trust. One fine day I went to Kottakkal to get few of products that I use. That’s when I saw this oil bottle on the racks and I asked the seller to pack it for me. I was excited to try this oil and that too I got it from one of my trusted Ayurveda shop.



  • Thailam 10.000ml
  • Nili 10.000g
  • Bhringaraja 10.000g
  • Satakratulata 10.000g
  • Dhatriphala 10.000g
  • Yashti 0.208g
  • Gunja 0.208g
  • Ajakshira 10.000m
  • Nalikerakshira 10.000ml
  • Mahishikshira 10.000ml
  • Dhenukshira 10.000ml
  • Anjanam 0.208g

Packaging: The oil is packed in a normal plastic bottle with a wide opening. The cap fits properly which makes it spill free. The opening makes it difficult to apply directly from the bottle. We should take the required amount in a bowl and apply from there.


Price: Rs. 160 (In Kerala) and Rs. 164 (Out of Kerala) for 200ml

Shelf life: 2 years

My experience with Kottakkal Nilibhringadi Keratailam

I applied it on the day I bought it concentrating on the roots and then massaged the scalp for 10 mins. While massaging I lost few strands, which I normally do. So, I ignored and braided my hair and went off to sleep. I normally keep oil on my hair overnight. It gives my scalp enough time to absorb the oil. In the morning, I washed my hair with mild shampoo twice. To my surprise I lost just 5- 10 strands during the wash, which made me super happy. My hair didn’t lather much during the first application of shampoo. Second application it did lather enough for me to feel that my hair is clear off the oil. I skipped conditioner, as I don’t like unnecessary loading my hair with chemicals. After air drying my hair, I was disappointed that my hair was not completely oil free L It was oily on my crown area.

Nevertheless, I oiled my hair again after two days. While shampooing, I used a bit more of shampoo and washed it thoroughly. My hair this time was clean and it felt very soft to touch. It solved the problem of dry hair.

I am using this oil for last 2 months. I am using the second bottle while writing my review. It has reduced my hair fall to great extent. For me it took 2 weeks to see the result (I was using it twice a week), which can vary from person to person.



  • Reduces hair fall.
  • Moisturizes the hair.
  • Amazing conditioning effect on both hair and scalp
  • Promotes hair growth and makes scalp healthy.
  • Sound sleep (when applied and kept overnight).
  • Cools down entire body and provides relaxation.
  • Makes hair soft and shiny even though it needs more shampoo to be washed off.
  • Easily available on Amazon.in and evenly distributed across major cities.


  • Contains lead sulphide (but since it’s an ayurvedic product so must have been used considering the fact).
  • It has a strong herbal smell, which can be bothering for some.


  • Needs more shampoo to be washed off. This may not be considered as a con as it doesn’t make your hair dry. I added it here so that you keep in mind while washing it off.
  • Those who are cold sensitive should avoid using this oil as it cools the entire body and you can experience little body pain due to that.

HASB recommendation:  Yes, I recommend this to whoever is facing the problem of hair fall and want to get rid of dry hair.

HASB rating: 4.5 / 5 (.5 deducted for lead sulphide).

Has anyone tried this oil before? Let me know your experiences 

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  1. Hi Priti, Very useful review. Thanks. Do you know the carrier oil used in this? I have a pitta body and most of the Ayurvedic hair oils have sesame oil as the base and that aggravates pitta types. Coconut oil is the best for us.

  2. Hello…i want to know whther this oil will work for me well or not because i caught cold very easily and going through premature greyness.if not ,please some other oil.

  3. I am using this oil for 5 months. I had a severe hairfall problem. I only had a few strands of hair on my crown and middle area. I use this oil on intermediate days. On the first week I decides to use it overnight. But that was a bad idea for me. It formed pimples on my scalp. So I changed my routine. I use this oil on evenings, two hours before my bath. I take almost 10 minutes to massage the oil on to the scalp. I will also spread the oil from the root to the tip. I will keep the transferred oil on top of warm water during the massage. It will warm the oil which is good for the scalp. After 2 hours I will wash my hair with shampoo and completely get rid of the oil. During the procedure I lose some hair. For me the change was only vissible after two months. Till then the hairfall rate was even more higher than the time I didn’t use the oil. But my mother adviced me to trust the product and continue to use it. Yes it works wonders. Now I have considerable amount of hair on my scalp. More than that this oil makes the hair smooth. Now I also have a good texture. The only thing I don’t like about this product is its smell. I can’t even imagine how I got used with the smell. But I really like the product.

  4. Lead sulphide is completely natural and is a well known ayurvedic ingredient mentioned in ayurveda. It’s good for hair and is added in ayurvedic hair oils.

    • Hey Gowri,

      Thank you so much for the insight. When I was pregnant my gynaec asked me to avoid using this oil.
      Currently I am using this oil.

      Priti :)

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