My Hair Care Story !!

Hair is the richest ornament of women”. ~Martin Luther

I am going to share my hair care regime and how I stopped my hair fall after shifting to Bangalore from Kolkata. I am still learning and trying new and natural ways to make my hair more beautiful.

I was born and brought up in Kolkata. You will be surprised to know that I used to adorn boy-cut hair till my grads Yes, that’s true and I am not going to share pics here. Excuse!! 

During my college days, I never cared for my skin or hair. I was so casual. I had straight hair. I never had oil or shampoo of my choice by that time. I applied whatever was handy. My room mates were fanatic about their skin and hair and I utilized my time in a judicious way. You got me right; I use to sleep when they were pampering their hair or skin 

It was post grad when I started pampering my hair whilst waiting for my job offer from an IT company. I started developing a taste by testing some oils and shampoo. And the result was a shoulder length hair without any fuss. I don’t like tying my hair. I opt for open hair or half clutch.

My hair type:  

In Kolkata: straight and silky, oily around the scalps. I never faced any hair fall problem back in Kolkata.

In Bangalore: little wavy, dry and frizzy with hell lot of hair fall issues.

Hair Care Routine in Kolkata:

In Kolkata, I did nothing for my hair what I do today in Bangalore. Believe it or not; while oiling I used to lose 10-15 strands and 2-3 after washing and combing. My hair used to be always silky and the comb would slide down without a single strand. I used to oil my hair thrice a week (Tueday, Friday and Sunday) with Keshkanti hair oil. Reason behind 3 hair wash per week was my oily scalp due to humidity in Kolkata. I hate myself when I shampoo without oiling. My thumb rule is to oil my hair the previous night of shampooing.

On Sunday, I generally used to apply Methi Pack (Click here to know more) or an egg pack (details awaited).

I used to go out without any extra precautions and my hair was triple the volume of what I have today.

Hair Care Routine in Bangalore:

Aah, what not?? You name it and I would have tried it. I tried all the oils available in the market; let it be hair oil or cooking oil. No no!! not refined ones  Finally, I started making hair oils at home which did suit me as they were without chemical or preservatives. Will share the recipes soon.

It’s been a nightmare. My hairs were not at all ready to adjust themselves to this beautiful new place. While oiling my hair I used to literally cry. I used to feel like I have applied Veet (hair remover), instead of oil  Same condition while using shampoo, I could only see hairs in my washroom near the drain, it was an eyesore. And, the result after all this used to be extremely dry and frizzy hair, which would break while combing. It took me a lot of time to figure out what I was doing wrong. I started jotting down the points. Below are few of them (will share a detailed post on it soon):

  • Diet – not having enough nutrients and proteins (which are building blocks for our hair).
  • Hard water – our apartment gets the supply of bore well.
  • Using chemical filled shampoo and hair oils.
  • Hopping products – I would blame myself for this as I never had patience to try and stick to one product (with the speed I was losing my hair, I really dint had the patience to wait and watch till the product works for me). By that time, I would have turned bald!! 

Finally, I understood that changing hair-oils, shampoo or conditioner is not going to help my hair improve. The hair follicle needs nutrients and oxygen supply through the blood vessels. And, that can only be done by nutritional food, exercising and using the right products.

In this blog, I will be sharing and explaining things which worked for me and which didn’t 

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