DIY for tan and blemish free skin using Aloe vera, cucumber and lemon

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Today I am sharing one awesome recipe for getting rid of tans, blemishes and acne.
It has 3 super ingredients – aloe vera, lemon and cucumber.
In this recipe, I am using the aloe vera natural plant to avoid any chemicals and preservatives.
If you don’t have aloe vera plant at home, you can use the ones available in the market.

Ingredients needed:

  1. 1 leaf of aloe vera
  2. Half cucumber
  3. 1 lemon


We need to extract the juice out of aloe vera and cucumber.

A. Process to extract aloe vera gels from the aloe vera leaf:

  1. Slice a thin layer from the edges to get rid of the thorns.
  2. Now peel out the green layer of the aloe vera leaf so that the white translucent gel can be seen.
  3. Scoop the gel out of the leaves with the help of spoon or blunt edge of the knife and take care not to waste the gel.
  4. Put all the gel in the mixer and grind it. It will turn into sticky liquid.
  5. Strain it to avoid any green leaf particles.

B. Process to extract cucumber juice:

  1. Peel and chop the cucumber into small chunks.
  2. Blend the pieces in a grinder or blender and the result will be pulpy mixture.
  3. Now using the strainer, strain the cucumber juice by pressing it with spoon gently.

C. Add 1 lemon juice to the aloe vera and cucumber mixture.
The net volume of this solution would be around 100 ml.

Keep it in fridge and use this mixture everyday for one week. Once it’s over make a fresh batch again.

How to apply:

Wash your face with your favorite face wash and apply this solution using a cotton ball on your face and neck. You can also apply it on your hands and feet. Keep it on for 20 mins. Wash your face and neck after 20 minutes with cold water and pat it dry. Then apply toner and moisturizer.

Additional Tips:

  1. Store it in fridge and use the solution prepared within a week as we are not using any preservatives in it. Make fresh batch every week.
  2. For better result, apply it daily. Shake it well before using.
  3. Little bit of tingling sensation is ok, but if your face burns then add honey or water to the mixture. Next time when you are making the solution add less lemon.
  4. Avoid going out in sun after applying this pack as lemon makes the skin photosensitive. I generally use this pack before bedtime. Then wash my face followed up with moisturizer.
  5. Do not keep the solution on your skin for more than 20 mins.Let me know, how it turned out for you. Till then 
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