How to stop hair fall due to hard water

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Hard water!!! What is it?

Hard water has high mineral content. Presence of calcium and magnesium ions in water makes it hard.

Hard water and hair do not gel.

Hard water is difficult to lather and calls for overuse of shampoo and conditioners which makes the hair dry and tangled. It forms a scaly film on hair shafts which prevents the moisture from penetrating your scalp. Hair falls due to the mineral deposits of hard water that accumulates on your scalp.

I have faced this problem of hard water in Bangalore. We get only bore-well water in our apartment. Here in almost all the apartments they use bore-wells. There are few apartments where they get Cauvery water as well (heard about it from some of my colleagues, but it’s not a hassle-free thing). You will have to order tanker, bargain for the money and then wait for it to be delivered, which is dependent on the tankers availability. Tanker water is highly chlorinated.

I just love this apartment as it is spacious and so serene that you can hear birds chirping and koyal cooing. I love sitting in the balcony and listening to the wind blowing and rustling through the trees. So, if you ask me just for hard water, I would never leave this place 

At first, I wasted my 5 months with a thought that it’s a new place, will take time to adjust. By that time, damage was mostly done.
stop hair fall hard water

So, instead of changing the place, I incorporated few of the rituals, which proved to be helpful in stopping hair fall caused by hard water.

  1. Using bottled mineral / filtered water for the final rinse: You can get the filtered water can and use half bucket of the water as a final rinse every time you wash your hair.
  2. Vinegar: is generally used for hair softening. Acidity of vinegar balances the pH level of the hair, smoothens the cuticles and makes your hair soft and silky. It contains acetic acid which works as a mild chelating agent useful in getting rid of mineral deposits on the scalp that gets accumulated over a period of time due to impurities from hard water and air. You can mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with half cup of water and apply on your scalp using cotton ball. Keep it for 30 mins and then shampoo as usual.
  3. Choose chemical free shampoo and conditioner: The best is using reetha and shikakai If you find making the reetha and shikakai shampoo a bit cumbersome, you may opt for the ones available in the market which are mild and chemical free.
  4. Leave-in conditioner: You can use a leave-in conditioner for locking the moisture in your hair. I use 3-4 drops of olive oil. Warm it by rubbing on the palms and when my hair is 80% dry; I gently rub it on my hair length.
  5. Stress free: If you keep on stressing about hair fall, it will eventually lead to more hair fall. I have been through this. So, stay calm and use the above methods.
  6. Yoga: I started to do Sirsasana to stimulate the blood circulation to head and Balayam Yoga (simply nail rubbing)

Apart from this you can do the below:

  • Shower filter: It’s a filter fixed inside your shower. It filters chemicals from the water and provides soft water. Its bit inexpensive when compared to water softener. You will have to replace the filter regularly.
  • Water softener: Installing a water softener is an expensive way. But it’s the most effective way to reduce the mineral content in the water. It works on the concept of ion exchange, by displacing the calcium and magnesium ions by sodium ions thus providing soft water.

Additional tips:

You can also use lemon juice alternatively with vinegar. Cut lemon into two halves and gently apply the lemon juice on the scalp directly. It will help you to get rid of dandruff and the unwanted layer on your scalp.

Finally, eat healthy 

Let me know if anyone has faced similar issues and what else helped them to combat it

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