Banjara Kasturi Turmeric Powder Review

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I always use kasturi haldi / wild turmeric while making the face packs. It doesn’t stain much in comparison to the turmeric we use for cooking. So, I love using them and it works very effectively in my packs. I have tried kasturi haldi of many brands. Today, I will be reviewing kasturi haldi from brand Banjara.

I have used Banjara products a lot. To name some of the powders that I love: brahmi, hibiscus, amla, reetha, shikakai. I have used most of them in my hair packs.

So, read below to know how did the Banjara Kasturi Haldi Powder turned out for me.

Product description

Kasturi Turmeric powder is 100% natural. It treats acne, removes dead skin cells, makes the skin radiant.


Kasturi Turmeric (Curcuma aromatica) rhizome 100%

Quantity 100gm

Price Rs.90

Shelf life 3 years

My experience with Banjara Kasturi Haldi Powder

Packaging: It is packed in 5 green packets of 20gms each. So, after cutting the packets you should store it in an airtight container.
Banjara Kasturi Turmeric Powder Review

Texture: As you can see in the pic below; it has granule like structure which dissolves in the water.
Banjara Kasturi Turmeric Powder Review

To be honest, my experience with this product was not at all good. When using it for the first time; I had made a pack with 1 tablespoon of kasturi haldi and milk. My face was burning like hell. I thought I will bear the pain, but after few minutes it was unbearable. I washed my face with cold water so that the burning sensation lessens. After washing the pack completely, I was horrified on seeing my face yellow. It had stained my skin very badly. I dint do anything extra to remove the color at that very time, as my face was still on fire. After half an hour when the burning sensation subsided, I washed my face with face wash and applied rose water to calm down my face. It slightly faded the color and helped in calming down the skin. After that, I have never tried this pack on my face. I mix it with my body ubtan and use only 1 tablespoon of the powder, which is a very diluted form, just trying to finish off the product
Banjara Kasturi Turmeric Powder Review


  • In diluted form, it works okay. The granule like texture works like a scrubbing agent.


  • Stains very badly.
  • Stings like the whole face is on fire.
  • Not sure about the purity of the product as opposed to kasturi turmeric it stains very badly.

HASB recommendation: Please don’t go for this product. I have tried kasturi haldi from many brands like Haya’s, Lala’s and even from Kotakkal’s which are good, but not this one.

HASB Rating: 1/5 (needless to mention again)

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