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Our Story

A couple that loves to create and share!

We are from Bangalore.
Well, initially I had to go through lots of hardship as my hair and skin were not
reciprocating to Bangalore’s water and weather. I experimented a lot with the natural
products out of which some failed and others were exceptionally good.
But as we say “Its okay to make a mess, experiments can lead to beautiful things”.
Our mission is to share natural and organic DIYs which enhances hair and skin texture.
Keep reading and all the best in this venture 

Meet the Team

Priti Singh (Author)

I am Priti Singh; shifted from City of Joy (Kolkata) to City of Gardens (Bangalore).
I have been here for last one and half years. Married and shifted to Bangalore as my
husband is in love with this place 


Ashwini Prakash (Editor)

I am Ashwini Prakash; shifted from City of Waterfalls (Ranchi) to City of Gardens (Bangalore).
I have been here for last ten years and I am in love with the weather and opportunities
what Bangalore gives us 


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